高考英语作文常见题型模板 英语作文


(1)Different people have different views on _______. Some people think that ______, while others argue that _______.

As far as I am concerned, I agree with the _____ opinion. For one thing, I firmly believe_______. For another___________. Just think of _______ who _______.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we may safely come to the conclusion that _________. Only if _______ can we ________., just as the saying goes _________.

(2)As we all know, the general public has been debating whether __________ is a blessing or a curse. Scientists have made advances in ________, so some people support ________, saying ________. Other people oppose ________, saying _______.

Personally speaking, I approve of _______ only if it is placed under strict control. For one thing ________. For another _________. Only when we exercise extreme care over this delicate matter can we be sure to put it on the right track.


(1)______ is such a common matter that every one of us may meet it from time to time.

People hold different views towards ________. Some people _______ Others laugh at them, they think ________.

Personally, I agree with the ____ group of people. Just as ____ once said __________.I think he is right. From now on I will not ________. On the contrary, I will ________.

(2)Some people take it for granted that ___________.

Nevertheless, other people claim that such a brief is subjective and unreasonable even at the first sight. To begin with ________. What makes matters worse _________.

I firmly believe that _________. Only when __________.


(1)Whenever people ________, they will come across the problem of whether they should ________or _______, and it is natural for different opinions to arise.

Some people think we should ________. They say that _______. Further more,_________. Therefore, we should ________.

But other people think otherwise. The argue that in an age when _______ we should not only ______but also ______. Only when we _____ can we keep up with the pace of social development.

In my opinion, we should combine _______with ______. First__________. Second _________. Only in this way can we _____________.

(2)When it comes to ________ some of people will choose _______,while others want to _____________.

Those people who decide to _______ argue that _______. Further more __________.

Those people who prefer _______ maintain that _________.

In my opinion, I should _______ whenever ______. To begin with_________. Furthermore____________.

4、批驳类: 批驳现象、观点、做法。

(1)Today more and more people _________. They argue _____ has several advantages. First __________. Second _________. For example, ________.

I am afraid I can not agree with their opinions. To begin with, although you may feel___________, it doesn't mean _________. In the second place , _________. Finally, as to ___________.

From the above analysis, we may arrive at the conclusion that ________ is not a wise choice.

(2)Nowadays, there is a growing tendency that _________. Personally speaking, I do not agree with this practice at all.

First of all________. Second ________. Third_________.

To wind up my discussion, my conclusion is that it is not advisable for_______.

5、办法类:解决某种问题。常以How to开头。

(1) ____ has always been important to ______. Although this issue has long been discussed, it would not be true to say that unanimous agreement has been reached.

In my belief, the more beneficial steps in _______ are as follows. First and foremost,_________. In the second place _________ Last but not least,___________.

In an era when economy develops at such a high speed, ________is connected with and vital to every citizen in the city. We can never wish to realize our dream of a _________ until all of us take actions to ________.

(2)Nowadays_______________. It has become such a serious problem that it has aroused the concern from the whole society.

To put an end to such a serious problem, in my mind, calls for the efforts from all sides. First of all _________. Moreover ____________. Last but not least ___________.

How can anybody expect to lead a meaningful life if ______________? Only when all of us join in the efforts of ___________at all levels can we expect to have _____ a more beautiful future.


(1)Some people think ______. Deep in my heart, I also have been asking myself the same question again and again. Why________? The reasons, in my mind, can be summed up in three respects.

First of all ___________. In the second place __________. Last but not least __________.

So, I firmly believe _________.

(2)When asked about my favorite______, I will not hesitate a moment to say it is __________.

Although some friends ___________, I have never changed my mind. The reason why __________ are threefold. Firstly,_____________ In the second place__________. Moreover_________.

Just like many great men in the world, ________ has become part of my life. I believe I will join it forever, and recommend it to others.


(1)The well-known proverb________ has long been accepted by all of us. It tells us that ___________.

Let's take ____ as an example_________.

Judging from the example given above, We may safely come to the conclusion that ________. So why not __________?

(2)There is a famous saying ___________,which means __________.If you want to be successful, you should ___________.

A case in point is _________.

From what has been discussed above, we should understand the meaning of ________ more clearly. So the best way is to _____________.


(1)Studying the table carefully, we can see _____________.

The most important reason of the change is __________.In my opinion, I think ________ is also an essential reason.

To sum up ______________.

(2)From the chart we can see clearly that _____________.

In my mind, the reasons why ________ are as follows. First__________. In addition __________.

So It is easy to make a conclusion that_______________.


(1)Dear Mr. ______,

It's ages since ________. I'm so pleased to _______. How are you getting on with ______. I'd like to _______. Can you ________.

I want to invite you to _____ when you are free. My family and I are expecting ________.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you ________.

Please pass my love to _______.



(2)Dear Miss ________,

I am so sorry that I won't be able to________. My uncle is returning home from France, and I have promised to meet him at _______ at ________ tomorrow afternoon.

I am very much interested in ________. I wonder if it is possible _________, and if so, could I _________? Many thanks.

Best wishes!

Yours sincerely



(1)One Sunday morning, there were some people in_______. At a stand, a woman was ______. Suddenly ________ . Hearing this, a few people began to_______. Soon _______. Later, _________. Finally, __________. What a _______! I will never forget ______.

(2)From these pictures, we can see that _______. This is very common recently. But in my opinion, they should not____________. Here are the reasons. First, ______; second _____________; third, ________;

Last but not the least important, ________. Those who _____, remember _______.


1. It is interesting to speculate what one could do after leaving school. The decision depends on many environmental factors. Whatever it may be, I have made upon my mind to become a ______.

A variety of reasons may go as follows. To begin with, __________________________________.. Moreover, ____________________???__________________. What's more, ___________________.

2. Today, TV is playing a great role in our daily lives. There are many rich and colorful programs on TV every day. Of all these programs, I think the _______________ , especially the ____________, is my most favorite one.

Why do I like the __________ best? For one thing, ______________. For another, _______________. The most important reason is, ______________________________________.

3. Playing ___________ is my favorite sport. I am so interested in it that every mooring I go to play it in our gymnasium before breakfast. On Sundays I'd rather devote a whole afternoon to it than ____________. It has become an important part of my life.

Why did I develop my passion for ___________? First of all _________________________. Also, __________________________. Furthermore, ___________________________.

4. Why have I chosen ________________________? It is a question I have put to myself many times n the past two academic years. But the answer is always the same: ________________________ is something I truly want to do in my life and it is worthwhile.

There are many reasons for my choosing to attend college. One reason is, __________________.


1. In my life I have met many people who are really worth recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I ever knew is ________________________. What frequently brings back memories of ________________________is his/ her special qualities? First of all, I was attracted by his/ her ________________________. Second, he / she gave us ________________________. Finally, I was deeply impressed by ________________________.

2. Perhaps the most interesting person I have ever met is ________________________. Although I last met him / her was ten years ago, I have not forgotten his/ her special qualities.

First of all, I was deeply impressed by his ________________________. Secondly, I admire the fact that he ________________________. Finally, I was attracted by ______________________.


One of the most attractive places I have ever visited is the capital of our country ______________, a world famous historic city/ world-known resort, is located/ lies/is situated ___________.

The reasons that I like so much is it because first of all, ___________ abounds with resources/ is a place with rich resource. Secondly, ________________________ it is not only a political and economical center, it is also famous for its historic sites. At the end, and I think which is the most important reason, I was born in _______________.