1.Fear  of  death  is   worse   than    death  itself.

2.My ambition has finally been put to work.

3.For polite society, he felt the intellectual hatred and disgust that he had accepted at the end of the table.

4."I am a humble man, madam, but I am not inferior."

5."The hell is here," he sighed. "as long as I go in, I can't leave it!"

6.A happy person, first to fill the belly, then is to dress beautifully. That's what they believe most.

7."This young man, though born underground, is very self-respecting, and if he has hurt his pride, he will do something less sensible."

8.Absence destroys all human emotions.

9.In the depths of the family, due to the dignity and grandeur of status, there is too much pride and too much boredom. They have been used to insulting other people in order to drown their sorrows, and thus cannot expect to get real friends.

10.She laughed to hide her awkwardness, which was forced to appear, and tried to attract his attention, which she succeeded.

11."Let him kill me, well, that's a satisfactory answer I'd like to give him... but, heck, I love life... I'm responsible for my son."

12.Silence is the only way to respect me. Let me disappear as a normal murderer in the eyes of ordinary people...

13."I do not ask for your forgiveness," he said, in a tone that became more firm and forceful. "I have no illusions, and I am convinced that death is waiting for me: it is just."

14."I am cruel crimes, and it is premeditated, I deserve the death penalty, everybody jury officer Sir, may I deserve compassion, but some people still by punish me to warn, to make such a young man never lose courage . They were born in a humble class, can be said to be in poverty, but they are blessed with a good education, and boldly with rich people proudly called high society circles, they despised and irony under the word."
“我的罪行是残酷的,而且是有预谋的,我该当判处死刑,各位陪审官先生,可能我值得怜悯,但有些人还是借着惩罚我来杀一儆百,使这样一种年轻人永远丧失勇 气。他们出生在一个卑微的阶级里,可以说是守着贫困的煎熬,但是他们有幸受到良好的教育,并且大胆地混入有钱人高傲地称之为上流社会的圈子里,他们承受着 鄙视和极具讽刺的话语。”

15."That's my crime, gentlemen, I would be particularly severe punishment, because in fact I am not judged by the same with me. I didn't see a change from the jury officer seat rich farmers, only some of the angry bourgeoisie... they are looking at me angrily, looking forward to early I was devil grasp to go to jail."

16."The most unfortunate misfortune in prison," he thought, "is that you can't shut your cell door."

17."The Times have had too much influence on me." He laughed bitterly and said to himself, "it is only two steps away from death. Alone with me, I am still hypocritical... Ah, the 19th century!"

18.The noble birth deprives the strength of character, and the power of character is not condemned to death.

19."Why can't I be Pope like Sixter v? He's spared the pig, too."

20."Should anyone who wants to drive out the bad taste and the evil out of the earth be like a tempest swept away from the earth to do evil?"

21."What great action is not an extreme in the beginning?

22.I have been so hard to cross this hot desert filled with mediocrity, but refuse to relieve my thirsty springs! Really, don't be so silly; In the self-serving desert that people call life, everyone is self. "

23.The fervor of happiness forgets all the care of prudence.

24.Travelers shouldn't sit on the top of the first mountain they've climbed.

25.Yu Lian saw an eagle from the top of those huge rocks in the wings, in the sky quietly circling, from time to time to draw a huge circle. Julien stared at the bird of prey. The actions of the heroic and peace to his heart. He admired the strength, and he admired the loneliness.

26.People do the most cruel thing, but there is no cruel spirit.

27.The smell of new things is too strong, their exhausted minds can not stand, and must dilute the taste by time. A work of art must be full of adult dust before anyone can comprehend it.

28. For a young man of twenty. His vision of the world, and how to make a difference in the world, is overwhelming.

29.With the law before, in line with "natural" only the strength of a lion, or animal Jihan when necessary, simply use a word that is "to".

30.In the passionate passion, the flame of the soul has enough power to melt all the materials that make genius.