关于虚假广告的英语作文 Fake Advertisements 英语作文


1. 现在有些不良的商业广告

2. 这些广告的副作用和危害性

3. 我对这些广告的态度

我对虚假广告的看法 My view on the Negative Effects of Fake Advertisements

Nowadays, there are increased advertisements with overstating even false information in our daily life. We can't aviod these ads when we watch TV, go shopping and even watch doctors. It's puzzlement that confuses our choices.


There are many negative influence on our normal living caused by cheated businessmen. It's easily for us to trust the substance what the ads said that we are cheated by the dishonest businessmen and get loss. We may buy something with high price, we may choose something we don't need, and we may get something bad. We not only lossing our money but not solve our problem. What was worse, we may eat some foods or drugs bad for our health.


This situation is a big problem in our economic society so we need take measures to deal with it. In my opinion, the government should make some rules to the ad-market and the ad companies should be responsbl for the ads they make. In addition, Customer must be clear-headed when someone wants to cheat you. By all of these, there is no profit for the illness business. As the result, the bad ads will disappear.




Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, fakes appear widely onthe market, they range from medicines, 3C products to cooking oil etc. Moreserious is that these products have entered the Realms of TV advertising, theyhave deeper into human's lives.


Bad commercialadvertisements will undoubtedly take large numbers of side-effect and harm to consumers.If audiences believe thefalse advertisement and buy the products, both their property and healthy wouldbe damaged. In addition, fake commodities are not only extremely harmful toconsumers, as well as the whole society, it break the market order, reduce thecredibility of the real business ,make these kinds of product stay away frompeople’s trust.


In my opinion, for the government, certain policies andmeasures should be taken on the spot, such as dispose the TV station of handingin money, judge the selling fake bad manufacturer criminal punishment, andprohibit the emergence of the harmful advertisement. For the audience, they shouldstrengthen the discrimination ability of the false goods, and would not becheated by the fake television advertising as the cheap price and convenience.


To sum up, we need to work together to makethe false advertisement disappeared in our lives. For me, I will not buy thefake goods, and will report them at the first time. It is time for me topractice what my preaches about cracking down on fake goods.